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In this article you will see what this website is about, and the Fastest, Easiest and Cheapest Ways to Relocate Abroad Now and Get At Least a Permanent Residency and a Second Passport in 12 short Months

This article is for you if you are interested in moving to a better country as fast as possible and enjoying the benefits of living in a more civilized environment

With the present condition of the country, I really don’t blame any Nigerian who is looking for a better life for themselves and their family.

Truth is… relocating to another country or getting a Second Passport will cost a lot of money, and not everyone will be able to afford it

But with the right information and planning, you can achieve this faster, without spending as much money as you initially would think

You can get your second passport in 12 short months. This is very possible. People have gotten it, legitimately, and you too can. Same with your permanent residency.

After months of research, asking questions and interviewing different foreign consulates, I have discovered ways these can be done and have put my findings in this website in the form of free articles

Truth is… the articles here are centered on 2 countries, Brazil and Canada;

and 2 ways of getting a second citizenship:

  1. Giving birth in Brazil
  2. Relocating to Canada through a new, little known program which was launched just a fre months ago by the Canadian government

I love Brazil and Canada because these countries have the double advantage of having one of the best citizenship programs in the world today. And compared to other countries, their citizenship programs are cheap, fast, easy and accessible to Nigerians

Not many countries have these combination. The countries with good programs and good conditions have made it extremely difficult for Nigerians to have access. Because frankly speaking. our wahala is becoming too much

Thankfully, it is still easy for Nigerians to enter Canada and Brazil. Two very good countries whose passports are among the strongest and most respected in the world today. And hundreds of Nigerians have used the options that will be talked about here to relocate abroad

If you want a to relocate abroad and get a better life for yourself and family, read all the articles in this website

Inside, you will discover things like…

>> Exactly How to get a Brazilian Passport in One Year… Yes, 12 Short Months

>> A new way to relocate to Canada, even if you have low scores in the IELTS exam, and no proof of fund

>> Documents you must start processing now, even before applying for your visa

>> The 2 types of visas you can use to give birth in Brazil… one even allows you even when you are visibly pregnant

>> The few, relatively simple conditions you need to satisfy to get your Brazilian citizenship in one small year after the birth of your child…. And how to get started.

>> Cost Breakdown of relocating to Brazil

>> Cost Breakdown of relocating to Canada

>> Step by step procedure on applying for visa

>> The absolutely essential documents that you need to obtain in Nigeria before processing your Visa – forget even one, and you can kiss your relocation to the abroad dreams goodbye

>> The best areas of Brazil to stay and give birth in Brazil (Brazil is one-third the size of Africa as a whole. You need to know exactly where to stay cheaply and safely too. And no, the popular cities like Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo are not part of it.

>> And so much more

Waste no time in arming yourself with the powerful information here.

To your freedom


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