How To Plan Yourself For Canada Immigration

Many people will like to relocate to Canada, but because  they do not have enough resources yet, they do absolutely nothing about their desire to relocate abroad.

True, relocation abroad is capital intensive. Anyone who tells you otherwise is ignorant, or probably wants to take your money.

However, with proper planning, you can relocate faster than you think possible.

Proper planning will involve you gathering the required documents

In this article, we will discuss some requirements you should start getting. Even if you do not have all the resources to relocate now:

These requirements are required for all Canada immigration programs, except otherwise stated.

1. Nigerian International passport. Validity period is 10 years for the new one.

2. ECA. Educational Credential Assessment. If you do not have a Canadian education credential, you need this assessment for certain immigration programs to show that your degree or diploma is equivalent to those of Canada. Validity is 5 years. This means you can use the assessment 5 years after you first got it

3. IELTS. This is an exam to test your English language proficiency. Different Canada immigration programs have different required scores. Some programs require high scores. A few require low scores.

Validity period of the IELTS test is 2 years.

There are other English proficiency tests. However, IELTS is the most widely accepted.

As a side note, if your inability to score a high IELTS score is serving as a stumbling block to your relocation dream, you could try other immigration programs that require low IELTS score.

One of such is the Canada Home care program discussed here. It is a new program with less competition and relatively easier requirements. IELTS requirement is CLB of 5.0. Requires no proof of funds. It is a fast program to relocate with (6 months if your papers are set) etc

You can learn more about it HERE

On to the next item…

4. Prepare your documents. Choose a likely immigration program you will want to relocate with. Start gathering documents according to that program.

And above all, get the right information. It can save you hundreds of thousands. And even millions in Naira. And time

Again, why am I saying these things?

You don’t have to wait till you have all the money before you start rushing, and taking action towards relocation.

You can start now to plan your self. And give yourself a timeline to get each item listed above.

For example, if you don’t have an international passport yet, you could get it first. Since it has the longest validity period.

You can also use the opportunity to visit one or two foreign countries if you can. Even if it is neighbouring countries. You’re doing this to have travel history

Travel history is not really compulsory. However it boosts your chances during immigration.

Next, you can do your ECA for your educational credentials.

And so on

You get the gist right?

No need to wait till you have all the resources before you start rushing (big mistake) to travel to Canada, or wherever you wish.

You can start now to plan yourself.

Cheers to dream come true.

Here is the link to the Homecare support program I earlier told you about.

Here ==>

It is a video. It gives more information about what the program entails, and how to follow this route



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