How To Carry Out Your ECA For Canada Immigration

ECA means Educational Credential Assessment. It is one of the requirements for Canada immigration for those who did not obtain educational credentials from a Canadian school.

It is valid for five years. So, it is a requirement you can acquire in preparation for Canada immigration

An Educational Credential Assessment ECA is done to determine which Canadian degree, or level of education your educational certificate is equivalent to.

For example, a 4 years B.Sc gotten from Nigeria can be deemed to be equivalent to a 4 years B.Sc in Canada.

Another persons 4 years B.Sc can be deemed to be equivalent to a Canadian 3 years Diploma.

Below is a sample ECA report

Sample Educational Credential Assessment ECA report

Getting an ECA can be confusing at times for some people.

Some are confused if they should submit all their educational credentials for assessment. Or if they should only submit their highest qualifications since that is what their ECA report will be based on

Some don’t understand how to go about the entire process.

The aim of this article is to explain all these and give a step by step guide on how to get your ECA.

There are 4 organization’s that are mandated to run an ECA for Canadian immigration:

1. Comparative Education Service – University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

2. International Credential Assessment Service of Canada

3. World Education Services (WES)

4. International Qualifications Assessment Service

WES is the most popular organization Nigerians use. So, we will be talking about them.

Before we continue, it should be stated that if you are confused whether to submit all your credentials, or only the highest for assessment, submit all.

The reasons are:

1. There is a slight possibilty, your highest qualification might be rejected. If this occurs your application might be paused, till you can bring another. This can cause delay

2. All your credentials will be authenticated. Your authenticated credentials can come in handy later on.

3. Whether you submit one or all, the fee is the same.

WES charges CAD $220 for the assessment. However, your institution might collect a fee to send your academic transcripts to them.

Here are the steps to get an ECA.

Step 1. Create an account with WES. You do this online in the WES website.

Here ==>

Go to apply for WES ECA and choose ECA application for IRCC

After you create an account you will get a reference number. This reference number is what will be used to track your credentials.

It is important you write this reference number on the envelope and all correspondence with WES

Step 2. Send your documents.

Required Documents

The “Required Document” link above takes you directly to the WES web page for viewing the required documents depending on type of educational program

When you are on the web page, select country. Select the academic or professional program and view the requirement and sending instructions.

Generally, all academic programs with exception of WAEC/NECO require a transcript, and a copy of academic certificate (not original)

You send the certificate yourself through postal mail or fax. Fax is a more convenient means to send your certificate. Contact the WES customer service to see the possibility of using fax to send your certificate using the number given towards of the end of the article.

A popular fax service used for this purpose is Hellofax.

For your transcripts, apply to your institution to send the transcript to WES using the Academic Records Request form.

You can download the form here ==>

Your institution might want you to send the transcripts yourself. Ensure you send the transcript in a signed, sealed and stamped envelope. When you are given the transcript to send do not open it, else it will be rejected by WES.

Below is how a properly stamped, signed and sealed envelope looks

How a transcript to be sent to WES for ECA should be properly stamped, signed and sealed



1. You send your certificates to WES yourself, while your school send your transcripts (preferable option), or ask you to do it.

2. Only send photocopies of your certificates to WES, unless originals are specifically requested for. Then you ask your school to give you multiple copies of your certificate.

3. Start on time, most Nigerian universities are slow in processing transcripts.

4. It is possible you use fax to send your certificates, instead of using postal mail. It’s cheaper and faster. But contact WES firsts

Here is their customer service no. +1 416-972-0970

Here is their fax no. +1 416-972-9004

5. WES ECA evaluation fee is 220 Canadian dollars. However your school might ask for additional fees to send your transcripts.

6. If you are sending any document to WES, include your reference no. If documents are from different schools, each school should have a separate envelope then put all envelopes in a single envelope

7. Here is the postal address of WES and how to address your envelope

WES Reference No. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
World Education Services
Attention: Documentation Center
2 Carlton Street, Suite 1400
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3

Hope this helped

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