Documents You Must Not Forget When Going to Give Birth in Brazil

It is no longer news that Brazil is now the number 1 country where people are now rushing to give birth

The reasons for the rush are obvious and a few of them are:

Immediate citizenship for your new born

Immediate Permanent residency for you, spouse and other children. And passport for you all after 12 months

And so so much more

Also, do you know Brazil never extradit its citizens. For whatever reason?

With the Brazilian passport you can easily get a 3rd passport from another country?

And easily get visa to travel to America, Europe, Canada and over 160 other countries?

Okay. Back to the topic at hand

Let’s say you have applied and gotten your visa so you can give birth in Brazil, there are a number of documents you must carry with you

You will need them amongst other reasons, to process your Permanent Residencies, your children’s, your spouse’s and your second passport

Below is a list of the documents you must not forget when travelling to give birth in Brazil

1. Authenticated copies of both spouses’ International Passports (this must be done at the Brazilian Consulate in Lagos)

2. Authenticated copies of your other children’s International passports and birth certificates
(this must be done at the Brazilian Consulate in Lagos).
That is if you have other children and they’re travelling with you (and they should be)

3. Original marriage certificate authenticated in the Brazilian consulate of your country, or the country you got married in

4. Police Report (for both spouses). Gotten from the country you both have lived in for the past 3 years

That is that for documents you must not travel without.

Do you want a full list of everything you require and all information you need to give birth in Brazil?

Take a look at the full Give birth in Brazil guide HERE.

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