Documents You Will Require For Visa Application To Give Birth in Brazil

While there is actually no visa category dedicated to giving birth in Brazil. There are 2 types of visa categories you can use to travel and give birth there without problems.

One is the Health Treatment – Temporary Visa II (VITEM II) – recommended

The second is the Visitor Visa (VIVIS) visa popularly called tourism visa – popular

The Tourism visa is the popular name for what is actually called a Visitor visa.

In this article, we are going to be discussing the guidelines, steps and documents required for obtaining the tourism visa because it is the most popular being used for giving birth in Brazil.

Gidelines for obtaining a visitors Visa (or tourism visa)

1. The first step is to visit the official Brazilian consulate website, fill and complete the visa application form.

It is one form per applicant. So your spouse needs to fill this too if he/she is going with you

2. Next is to print out the application form, sign it, then take to the Brazillian consulate with the following documents:.

• International passport valid for at least six months

• 2 recent colored passport photographs on white background

• Letter of introduction from employer/school

• Invitation letter with copy of the ID of the signatory and all immigration status, if not Brazilian
(Or you use a hotel booking from Brazil. This is also accepted)

• Valid hotel reservation

• Original copy of personal salary bank statement of last six months with a reference letter

• Return air ticket reservation to Brazil. It can be an e-booking. You don’t have to pay yet till you get the visa

• Certificate of incorporation

You should note that additional information and documents may be required at the Consulate’s discretion

You will be invited for an interview after which a decision will be made on your visa

Visas are processed within 90 days, but takes an average of 5 to 6 weeks from date of your application at the consulate before it is ready to be received

That is it for processes and guidelines for applying for a tourism visa. Hope it helped. Goodluck on your application

PS. Holders of visitor visa are not permitted by the Brazilian law to work or do business during their stay in Brazil.

PPS. If you are applying for tourism visa to give birth, or even the health visa, it is important you start on time because when you are showing (your pregnancy is visible and obvious), the possibility of being granted a Brazilian tourism visa become very slim

Preferably apply for this visa immediately you conceive…

…or you use the Health treatment – temporary Visa. You stand a higher chance with this category of visa if it is obvious you are pregnant

See the full step by step guide for giving birth in Brazil. Click here

Bye, for now

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