3 Things to Consider When Choosing a City for Childbirth in Brazil

Brazil is very huge. It covers half of the continent of South America. It it bounded by all the countries in South America except Cile and Bolivia

When going to give birth there, just know that you have over 500 cities to choose from. You need to research fully where you will stay.

In carrying out your research, some very essential things to consider are:

1. Your budget
2. Are you staying or leaving immediately after childbirth
3. If you are staying, are you staying with your other children?

Let’s talk about these factors one after the other

1. Your Budget
If you are on a really tight budget, then you might want to avoid cities like São Paulo, Florianopolis, Rio and Brazisilia. ( except you want to live in a favela, otherwise called slum)

Some of these cities are the most expensive in South America. Private hospital birthing there range from 2000 USD to 7000 USD.

But be careful. Don’t compromise safety and wellbeing for cheapness

You could try Salvador, Vitoria, Fortaleza, and generally cities which are state capitals in the North of Brazil.

These are the more affordable cities with highly acceptable level of infrastructures.

2. Are you staying or leaving immediately after Childbirth?
If you are leaving immediately after Childbirth, this means you will need to do things with speed.

It is vital you stay in a state capital. Because it is there all the paper work are done.

To even do things faster, avoid capital cities with huge population.

Cities like Rio, Salvador, Sao Paulo are densely populated.
Instead, try any other state capitals in Brazil

3. If you are staying, are you staying with your other children?
If you are staying with your children, you must consider safety, education, and opportunities to earn income (or availability of work)

I’m summary, there is a lot of diversity in Brazil with over 500 cities
This means you will always find something suitable for you

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