2 Little Known Immigration Programs Where You Can Get A Job Before Relocating Abroad

Relocating abroad alone or with family is capital intensive.

One of the reasons why this is so is you must have enough money set aside for their upkeep for a reasonable period of time within which you can find a job in the new country.

This is the reason for the “proof of funds” required by many countries before you can be issued a visa

However, there are immigration programs that do not require this proof of funds. And even when they do… the amount needed is lower.

This is simply because you apply for jobs in sectors where there is very high demand for workers… and a job will be waiting for you on arrival

In this article we will be looking at 2 of such programs.

Both programs there’s a job on arrival, require no or relative small proof of funds, and have easy-to-meet requirements so to speak.

One of such program is for the UK and the other is for Canada.

We will be discussing the:

  • procedure
  • requirements
  • eligibility
  • how and where to apply for jobs…

…under these 2 programs and other relevant information

This is an article and not a guide. So therefore it is to be expected it will not contain all the needed information.

However, relevant links both from official and personally recommended sources will be given where you can obtain complete and up to date information concerning these 2 programs

At least one of these programs are favorable to many persons because:

– Relocation is fast (in months if papers are set)

– Job will be awaiting even before relocation

– Low IELTs requirment (one of the programs accept IELTs bandscore of 5 points)

– If you or your partner (or both of you) have low educational qualifications ( WASCCE or OND)

– If age is not on your side (you are closer to 50 than 25)

– If you do not have proof of funds



Using this route, all you need do is apply for a job classified under ‘shortage occupation’ and when you get the job, you will be issued a visa by the government to come live and work in the UK.

In the UK, there are jobs in industries that are classified as “shortage occupation”.

This means that there is a noticeable lack of available workers in these sectors, and there is a high demand for qualified workers there.

These jobs range from engineers, teachers, cyber security specialists, graphic designers, IT business analysts, programmers, Medical practitoners, secondary school teachers, artists, chefs etc

There are a multitude of jobs cutting across different sectors. You can see the full list at


There’s a seperate list for healthcare and education shortage occupation at


You can apply for shortage occupation jobs using the following websites

  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor.com
  • Prospects.ac.uk

Or any other means online.

When you get the job under “shortage occupation” all you need do is apply for the UK Skilled Worker Visa.

If you are going with your partner, he/she will apply as a spouse through the Partner Dependent Visa.

If you are going with your children, they will apply individually as dependants through the Child Dependent Visa.

This program only allow dependants outside of the UK who are below 18 years of age

Normally, if you are applying for the UK Skilled Worker Visa one of the requirements is that you need to have Proof of Funds of £1,270 to support your self for a month.

£285 for your partner

£315 for one child, and

£200 for each additional childyou will be bringing with you.

And you must prove that this money have been in your account for a period of at least 28 days before your application before or within the 31 days of applying for visa –

However, you do not needs this proof of funds in your account if you get a job and your employer agrees to sponsor your bills.

This is because you will be given a Certificate of Sponsorship (an e- document with a reference no.) by your employer.

And in that certificate, the employer will fill the “Sponsor certifies maintenance” section on your certificate.

Note: if employer does not fill this section, you will be required to provide the Proof of Funds

And irrespective of whether the employer fills this section or not you still get a certificate of sponsorship when you get a job offer

Not all employers are qualified to issue out Certificates of Sponsorship.

Only employers licenced to employ foreigners are allowed to do so.

You can download latest list of licenced sponsors using this link:


You will require this certificate of sponsorship while applying for the visa and your employer also help you in the application process.

The good thing is that you only apply for the visa after you get the job.

The date you can start is stated in the Certificate of sponsorship

With this visa, you and your family can live and work in the UK for up to 5 years. Extendable for as much as you’ll wish

However, after 5 years of your stay in the UK you are qualified to apply for an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) which is popularly known as Permanent Residency (PR).

Which essentially means you enjoy almost all the benefits a UK citizen enjoy

And one year after getting your PR, you are eligible to apply for a UK citizenship, which will confer on you the same rights and privileges citizens of the UK enjoy in and outside the UK. You also have access to hoaa free travel to about 184 countries in the world.

Here is why getting this visa is so easy, this type of visa is awarded using a points based system, to get the Visa you must get at least 70 points.

You are awarded points by considering several factors, but if you have a job which is classified among the shortage occupation you have 20 points

If the job is at an appropriate skill level of RFQ 3 or above 20 points

Because it is a shortage occupation job 20points

Thats a total of 60 points getting the remaining 10 points is relativlely easy.

Proof of English proficiency is 10 points

You can get further info on the carious ways to get more points here


Another requirement is to prove your proficiency in English language. Which means you will have to write the IELTS or any other recommended English proficiency exam.

However, there are certain categories of people who are

exempted from taking the IELTs or any other equivalent English exam

One of such people are those whose Bachelors, Masters, or PHD degrees are recognized to be equivalent to the respective degrees in the UK. This is done by the National Academic Recognition Information Center NARIC, UK.

Proof of proficiency in English gives 10 points automatically. Whether you write the IELTS or not

There’s clearly a lot of information to learn about obtaining this type of Visa.

You can learn more by visiting the official UK website

The bottom line of getting this visa is just find a job in the UK which is classified under “shortage occupation” and you will (with relatively ease) be granted Visa to relocate to the UK with your family.



This is one of the newest, easiest, fastest and cheapest means to relocate Canada till date

Due to the hign demand for workers in the Home Care industry, the Canadian government in 18th June, 2019 launched the Home Care Support Program to make it easier for people living in other countries to come into Canada and work in this industry.

All you need is to have a job offer in the Home Care industry, and the Canadian government will give you a Visa to come live and work in Canada, together with your family.

While both genders can apply for the Home Care program, the Principal or Main Applicant will be restricted to work in the Home Care Industry for 2 years.

The other partner will be given a Work Permit Visa which enables him/her to do business or work in almost any field with his/her credentials. It could be Engineering, Oil and Gas, Teaching, Telecoms etc. And the children will be issued Study Visas

After 2 years, workers in the Home Care industry are free to change career paths, or take higher roles in the Health and Medical industry.

Also, you are qualified to apply and get a Permanent Residency for you and your family.

The requirements for this Visa are not steep compared to other Canada programs.

The most important requirement is to get a job offer in the Home Care industry.

Other requirements are:

– WASSCE plus one year post Secondary school experience or OND

– Even the IELTS requirement is low. You need a CLB score of 5.0 which means scoring 5.0 in each of the Language tests except Reading which has a requirement of 4.0

– There is no need for proof of funds since there is a job waiting for you when you land in Canada. However, it is advisable to have funds to cover expenses for the first month while awaiting the first salary

There is a high demand for Home Care workers, and there are employers willing to sponsor your trip to Canada. The salary range for jobs in this industry is $2,500 – $3,500.

The various jobs in the Home Care industry are:

– Home Support Worker

– Nursing Assistant

– Community Support Worker

– Public Health Worker


You can easily apply for jobs in the Home Care industry in Canada by using LinkedIn.

Definitely, there is also a lot to learn if you want to explore this route. You can visit the Canadian high commission website https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/caregivers/child-care-home-support-worker.html

Also, there’s a video by someone who has already relocated to Canada and has also helped many others relocate there.

In it you will find step by step guidance and the info you need about relocating through the Home Care program

Watch the video here ==>


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